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bran’s vision

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Over-emotional Joffrey

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steve rogers’ internet history according to [x]

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"Have you fantasized about killing me?"


"How would you do it?"

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You’re killing Gavin.

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4.02 The Lion & the Rose

↳ the only scene that matters

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Motivational Joffrey for when you are feeling down.

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The Oath of Fêanor
Adele McAllister (8,619)



So here’s setting I finally got around to after someone suggested it a few months ago. I know that this is probably poem that my voice is less suited to than most of the other poems because of the darkness and fury in it, but I had a go anyways. Hope I did it at least some justice. Also - drop D tuning! Ahhh! 

Anyways, music is mine- poetry is Tolkien’s! Let me know if you liked it and you can find more LOTR poems under the tab ‘Songs from the Lord of the Rings’ on my tumblr!

(This is also me deciding whether I want to regularly work with Tolkien text outside of the LOTR and Hobbit, so feedback is awesome and very much appreciated!)

The Oath of Fêanor - The Lays of Beleriand, J. R. R. Tolkien

“Be he foe or friend, be he foul or clean

Brood of Morgoth or bright Vala,

Elda or Maia or Aftercomer,

Man yet unborn upon Middle-earth,

Neither law, nor love, nor league of swords,

Dread nor danger, not Doom itself

Shall defend him from Fëanáro, and Fëanáro’s kin,

Whoso hideth or hoardeth, or in hand taketh,

Finding keepeth or afar casteth

A Silmaril. This swear we all…

Death we will deal him ere Day’s ending,

Woe unto world’s end! Our word hear thou,

Eru Allfather! To the everlasting

Darkness doom us if our deed faileth…

On the holy mountain hear in witness

and our vow remember,

Manwë and Varda!”